Juniper T640

Part number Description
CHAS-BP-T640-S T640 Chassis with Installed Backplane
CRAFT-T640-S T640 Craft Interface Panel Spare
FAN-R-S T-Series Rear Fan Tray Spare
FAN-T-FBOT-S Quiet Fan Tray Bottom Spare
FAN-T-FTOP-S Quiet Fan Tray Top Spare
FANTRAY-KIT-T-Q T-Series Quiet Fan Tray Kit
SCG-T-S T640 Sonet Clock Generator Board Spare
SIB-I-T640 T640 Switch Interface Board (5 required per T640 Base System)
SIB-I-T640-B T640 Switch Interface Board, Version B (5 required per T640 Base System)
SIB-I-T640-B-S T640 Switch Interface Board, Version B, Spare
SIB-I-T640-S T640 Switch Interface Board Spare
SIB-TX-T640 (1) multichassis Switch Interface Board
SIB-TX-T640-S (1) multichassis Switch Interface Board, Spare
T640BASE T640 line card chassis 8 slots with cooling system, Backplane, 1 Routing engine, 1 Control Board, 1 Sonet clock Generator, 1 CIP and 2 power entry modules.
TX-T640-U A bundled kit to migrate an existing T640, containing (5) SIB-TX-T640-S, (2) CB-T-S and (1) FAN-REAR-TX-T640-S