Sustainability as Second Nature to Preserve Our ‘First Nature’

In The Netherlands we recently celebrated Circular Economy Week. Within this framework many organizations have introduced a variety of sustainability initiatives including Dutch telecom provider KPN. As of 2025, all of their modems, TV setup boxes and other networking devices will be 100% recyclable. Nice. A bit late, some will argue, but still. Other companies promise to take a closer look at the procurement of their raw materials. Nice. At this pace, however, a ‘week’ will never do the trick.

Practice what you preach

Pardon us for being a little skeptical and impatient but at emXcore, sustainability is in our nature. In fact, our company was established for the sake of sustainability. As innovation enablers we have been providing young (data center) entrepreneurs with great minds and ideas with pre-owned/refurbished network equipment for quite some years so they can become the next Google. Behind the scenes, unlike others who still beat around the bush, we are committed to reducing usage of our global natural resources and minimizing our own carbon footprint. Not because it is ‘hot’ or because our marketing department tells us to, but because we practice what we preach.

No DiCaprio or Gore

We realize we are not nearly as influential as Al Gore, Leonardo DiCaprio or KPN for that matter. Yet, to make our own modest contribution, we call upon all of our business relations and blog readers to thoroughly review your daily activities in the light of sustainability, both at home and at work. After all, we know what waiting for others to make the first move will bring us. Bringing about a true circular economy obviously takes a lot more than just a week or even a year. Only if it becomes our ‘second nature’ will it be possible to preserve our planet which, quite literally, has always been our ‘first nature’…