AfricaCom 2019

On 12,13 and 14 November we hosted a stand at AfricaCom in Capetown, South Africa. Three energetic, fun days filled with meeting interesting people, catching up with excisting customers and handing out (and eating) delicious Icecream. It was an absolute pleasure to share our stand with SIMS recycling solutions. Jelle Slenters (SIMS recycling solutions) wrote an interesting blog about his takeaway from AfricaCom.

My takeaway from an energetic week at AfricaCom

1# digital inclusion; the number one word for the continent.

2# with digital inclusion comes financial inclusion – one of the growth engines for the continent.

3# with digital and financial inclusion comes content creation – will African Facebook or African Alibaba please stand up?

The industry expects an investment of 435 trillion to make the continent connected, where is “voice” we put “data”. Interesting partnerships are needed to make this happen. Facebooks and Google business models need connectivity. Smart analytics from both enterprises help classic carriers to co-invest smarter to reduce cost of installment. The Internet for All sustainability goal with 90% of world population having access to internet by 2022 promotes these collaboration greatly. The driver to accomplish this is we need to supply affordable access to technology.

Our industry can contribute to that with more focus on having product returned – reused and eventually recycled. Product life extension is the driver to run cost of the device down, whether it is a consumer handset, core infrastructure or enterprise workplace. Co- responsibility within the digitalvalue chain, from producer to retailer, is key. A powerful industry collaboration we see being build on the foundation of the circular economy is a valuable blueprint for the continent.

We already see the highest growth in mobile traffic in MiddleEast and Africa, combine that with the population growth and average age – each of us will be AfricanOptimist rather sooner than later. Clouds becomes AfricaCloud!