Now offering additional services!

Physically moving servers and network gear, closing buildings, traveling and opening new locations is more complicated in the COVID-19 world. Luckily a lot can be done remotely but not every job can be done from a distance.. Many of our customers were not able to install and travel to their data centers to install or upgrade their network equipment during the pandemic.

You probably already know us from our top-notch refurbished network hardware gear. Like many other companies during the pandemic, we have helped many of our customers and partners to cope with the increasing demand for high end switches and routers during these last months. COVID-19 was and is an accelerator for the growth of our business in 2020. We saw increasing demands, especially for potent 40G/100G line cards and switches, and also for spare inventory reinforcements from our customers and business partners.

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in more people working from home, leading to new challenges for enterprise companies to make data remotely available and secure for their remote employees. This drove businesses to rethink their security strategy. Data centers, cloud providers and many of our customers have enabled digital commerce, remote access to mission critical applications and online meetings. A reliable secure digital Infrastructure has become more important than ever before.

In the past, we’d offered our services informally to some customers. But now that the pandemic has hindered travel, we’ve decided to offer these services to everyone. This allows our customers to continuously increase the quality and reliability of their digital infrastructure resulting in better services for their customers and partners.    

EmXcore Remote Hands allows you to respond quickly to emergencies and reduce travelling. We can install or rack your mission critical network hardware in your Benelux data center, while reducing your cost of infrastructure management. This allows you to stay focused on your core business.

EmXcore Remote Hands offers you the following benefits:
Basic Installation and Configuration
Device Management
Cabling and Wiring
Rack & Stack
Inventory Auditing
Shipping and Receiving  
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