Our brand new webshop is LIVE : 4YOURNETWORK

Important news: We’re not changing our name this time…

but we kind of are!

Two and a half years ago we changed our name to EmXcore which we all know and love today. But things are about to get shaken up again! As a company and as individuals, we are always looking to make improvements to ensure that you can get the best possible service and products.

We want to make buying networking hardware as easy as buying a pair of socks online: you find the right pair, add them to your basket, pay the bill and they come to you with same or next-day shipping. Sounds good right?

This sounds super easy, and that’s exactly how simple we want to make it for you! That’s why we decided that it is time for our webshop to be updated and modernized. And here it is! Our new webshop.

Here you can browse our refurbished and thoroughly tested networking equipment. From switches to optics and from routers to firewalls, we can send you everything with same or next-day shipping (depending on available stock). Come to the shop and order your networking hardware now!

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