Time for sweet change


After being part of Terabit Systems for nearly 7 years (2400 days to be precise) it is time to spread our wings and stand on our own two feet. Therefor as from the 17th of September 2018 Terabit Systems the Netherlands continues as EmXcore.

When changing your company name a lot of stuff needs to be arranged. Dozens of checklists, tons of administration and a tight planning.

But next to everything practical, there is also a lot of exciting stuff that comes with it as well.
Designing a new logo and website for instance or designing custom wraps for special Tony Chocolonely chocolate bars.
Seeing everything come together in these last couple of weeks filled our office with a lively buzz.

Do you remember?

We are definitely not the first company that changed its name, and we won’t be the last either. Some major brands also changed their name in the past. Do you know what these brands changed in to?

1. Backrub
2. Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation
3. Brad’s drink
4. Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web
5. Peter’s super Submarines
6. Blue Ribbon sports

*answers are at the bottom of this blog

We are refurbished

A new name, a brand new website and an amazing new logo, but the core will stay exactly the same. We will continue to deliver great quality networking hardware and our amazing customer service won’t change the slightest.

Whether you need new or refurbished, whether you know exactly what you need or you might need some advice we are more then happy to help you out.

Guess you could say we ourselves are now refurbished!


1. Google
2. Sony
3. Pepsi
4. Yahoo
5. Subway
6. Nike